Two week evaluation leads to impressive fund raising - how the Wellness Nordic Relax Chair came to Moyola Aged Care

Moyola Aged Care staff and residents recently trialled the use of the Wellness Nordic Relax Chair year. After a two-week evaluation of the chair Moyola Aged Care were so impressed by the improvement in resident’s behaviour that they began fundraising in order to purchase the chair and make it a permanent fixture.


The facility received a grant from the Greater Shepparton Foundation and further significant funds were raised and donated by Tatura’s Ladies Auxiliary. The chair will benefit residents at the facility, in addition to the wider residential community at Moyola Lodge.

This fund raising was undertaken by a wonderfully caring community and the result is of huge benefit for residents and carers. The story attracted the attention of The Riverine Herald who went on to publish the story in an online article (and we thank them for the image provided here).

Polly Devine, CEO, Moyola Aged Care provided the full story of why they believe in the Wellness Nordic Relax Chair which she has generously agreed to share with us all.

Please note this testimonial is for Health Care Professionals only.

Wellness Nordic Relax Chair – Moyola Aged Care Testimonial

Moyola staff and residents trialled the use of the dementia chair over a 2 week period.

I have to say we were all a little sceptical about the ease of use and benefits of the chair and we stand corrected. The chair was easy to use for all staff and used on a variety of residents with all (but a couple) who trialled, rested and relaxed post use of the chair.

We were provided with exceptional education and training session at beginning of the trial which made the use of the chair easy for all staff to initiate for our residents.

The chair was placed in a quiet room in our dementia specific wing of the facility where we could darken the room and allow residents to fully embrace the motion and relaxation of the chair.

We had great success with use of the chair for 2 residents who have advanced dementia who have behaviours that include aggression and agitation, the chair was a welcome intervention to add to current interventions.

These two residents were offered to use the chair and assisted to be seated, usually these residents would settle in a chair for a maximum of 5 – 15 mins and begin wandering and displaying agitation again, once using the dementia chair with the use of the provided weighted blanket and music on low these two men relaxed and rested for periods up to 1 hour and post time in the chair were happily settled for the hours that followed.

We found great success when timed with analgesia or heath therapy used prior to chair use. And when all current interventions had been unsuccessful in calming and reorientating these residents.

Staff were impressed and amazed at the relaxation that the chair provided to these residents when all usual interventions were not successful, and how easy it was to use.

The other huge success story for us was a resident who’s dementia is less advanced and resides in our main wing who has significant behaviours and although detailed and numerous interventions will at times become extremely agitated and unable to sleep overnight leading to increased behaviours the following day, this resident LOVED the chair. She would request its use and would be able to sleep for a couple of hours at a time when in the chair and undisturbed, she was able to easily communicate how much tilt and motion she desired so we had it just right for her.

We will now be fundraising to purchase a chair for our facility.

Polly Devine

CEO, Moyola Aged Care In.

October 2019


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