Watch the Stop Pressure Injury Day webinar video

Arjo partnered with the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) and Wounds Australia hosted a webinar to support Stop Pressure Injury Day 2017, 17 November. The webinar was presented by Michelle Barakat-Johnson, District Lead CNC for Pressure Injury Prevention and Management in Sydney Local Health District. 
Webinar Overview:
The webinar will present an overview of pressure injuries, with a focus on medical device related pressure injuries, including how to identify, stage and prevent them, as well as a study in an Australian Health service on medical device related pressure injuries in Journal of Tissue Viability. 

Michelle also reviewed the new staging of medical device related pressure injuries, per the new international guidelines, developed by National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP). 
Presenters Bio:
Michelle Barakat-Johnson, RN, GradDip Pain, MN (Res), PhD Candidate.
Michelle is currently the District Lead Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC) for Pressure Injury Prevention and Management in Sydney Local Health District (SLHD), which comprises of four hospitals and community health centres. Michelle leads Wound Management and Pressure Injury Prevention in the SLHD and has worked in the field of Complex and Chronic Care for 18 years. She has extensive experience in Skin Integrity, Wound and Pressure Injury Management.

Michelle’s current PhD research, the HAPI study, is utilizing an implementation science approach to address an unexplained increase of hospital acquired pressure injuries, and to examine preventative guidelines and nursing practice. She was successful in a scholarship by Sydney Research to assist with her research totaling $120,000.  The HAPI study was awarded the people’s choice award at the NSW nursing symposium in September 2017.

Michelle has contributed to her specialty through her involvement with various national collaborative projects, journal articles, and various conference presentations.  Michelle also lectures at the University of Sydney on Wound Management, Pressure Injury Prevention and Leadership. 


A copy of the webinar recording is now available here: