VTE webinar video "Stop for Clots - Who should we protect?"

WTD Stop for Clots webinar 2017

On World Thrombosis Day, 13th October 2017, ArjoHuntleigh partnered with the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) hosting a webinar Stop for Clots – Who should we protect? 
The webinar was presented by Nicola Jackson, VTE CNC at St Vincent's Hospital, to support World Thrombosis Day and raise awareness of thrombosis.
In Australia VTE events kill more people than breast cancer, road traffic accidents and HIV / AIDS combined and is the most common cause of preventable deaths in hospitalised patients. 
Webinar overview:
  • Understanding the incidence and prevalence of VTE in the population
  • Factors that increase susceptibility to VTE including the effect comorbidities, and identify patients at risk
  • Exploring the increased risk in surgical populations
  • Understanding pharmacological and mechanical methods to prevent VTE
  • Exploring available treatment methods and monitoring for patients who develop a VTE event.


A copy of the webinar recording is now available here: