"Our Promise" stories: Long term care nurse talks about his daily challenges


 "The hardest thing is to meet people in difficult situations" - Kalle, long term caregiver.

At Arjo, we work to help professionals across care environments keep their promises: to improve the lives of people affected by reduced mobility and age-related health challenges. This year, as part of our Promise campaign, we went out to talk to caregivers and listen to their challenges in healthcare.
Kalle, a caregiver who has been working with elderly residents in long-term care facilities for more than 30 years, originally began his career in psychiatry.

‘I am interested in meeting people, I want to work out the best treatment alternatives for each individual. Each day is a new challenge. I meet people with many different needs and health challenges. I come across many different obstacles that my residents have to cope with in their everyday life.’

Kalle long term care nurse with patient
While his daily tasks can be often challenging, Kalle is passionate about his profession.
‘What is most rewarding in my job,’ he says, ‘is to be able to guide my customers both physically and mentally. I am most satisfied when the customer can get back to a normal life. The hardest thing is to meet people in difficult situations, such as someone having had a stroke, someone who needs to be supported after a depression or someone who needs to be comforted as they reach the end of their life. It’s important to take care of relatives as well.’

Kalle longterm nurse arjo promise campaignNo matter what challenge he encounters, Kalle believes one thing is especially key. ‘The most important thing,’ he explains, ‘is that the customer can decide how he/she want their care to be provided. When they are satisfied, I am satisfied.’

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