Arjo products improve the quality of life for people with reduced mobility


In partnership with Pressalit, Arjo NZ is building a strong relationship with Changing Places across Australia and New Zealand, with a combined offering of Ceiling Hoists, change tables, and specialised toileting facilities. 


Launched in 2006 in the UK, Changing Places is responsible for developing disabled access toilets that are designed particularly for individuals with severe or profound disabilities. There are now 540 Changing Places facilities across the UK. They have been placed in key public spaces such as shopping centres, large railway stations, leisure complexes such as aquatic facilities, and recreational and sporting complexes such as the zoo and football stadiums.

Changing Places has now arrived in New Zealand. Thanks to the collaboration between Jenn Hooper, the Hamilton City Council, Richard Steingold and the NZ Arjo team, the first “Changing Place” has been built at Hamilton Gardens. Jenn personally knows the need of these facilities as Charlie her daughter is in a wheel chair, Charlie features on the mural on the walls of the bathroom. The “Changing Place” is right next to a children’s playground and they hold events and concerts at the Hamilton Gardens so the location is a great place for families and the community. Great exposure has been gained for the Arjo and Pressalit products and it will help “Changing Places” grow momentum in NZ.

In the Hamilton Gardens facility, we have supplied and installed a MaxiSky 2 Ceiling Hoist, Full Coverage KwikTrak, Pressalit Height Adjustable Change Table, Toilet and Vanity Thanks to Tim Knowles at Pressalit. The benefit of these facilities showed at the opening where a young girl in a wheel chair was able to reach the tap on the vanity and wet her hands - something she is unable to do with a convention vanity.

changing-places_300x225The “Changing Place” concept shows how our products improve the quality of life for people with reduced mobility.

It was a great project to be involved with and we are looking forward to more of “Changing Places“ across NZ.

Click here to watch a local news segment on the first fully accessible disability bathroom in Hamilton, NZ.TVNZ.CO.VID.THUMB