Global Arjo Academy Webinar Series On-Demand

Training and development is our highest priority. Through our global Academy, we have recently run a series of webinars covering improving caregiver workflow, mitigating cross-contamination, the impact of early mobilisation on rehabilitation, reducing the risk of patient handling associated injury and more. web1

These webinars from the current Arjo global series are now available to view at your convenience.  For the full list of webinars please review the Arjo Academy Webinars

Arjo Academy Webinars

Alternatively select your area of interest from the list below. 

Preventing harm to your caregivers and patients during prone positioning

Understand the current use of prone positioning in the management of patients with COVID-19 and explore techniques used to reduce risks to caregivers and patients associated with the prone positioning process.

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Mitigating Cross-Contamination & Improving Staff Efficiencies during COVID-19 outbreak

Review the risk of cross-contamination, and explore practical interventions and techniques used to reduce risks and improve efficiencies for caregivers.

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Improving caregiver work flow & reducing risk of patient handling associated injury during COVID-19

Review how to improve care process workflow and reduce the risk of caregiver physical overload during COVID 19.

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Mobilize COVID-19 patients early, impact on recovery & rehabilitation

Understand how the early mobilization of COVID-19 patients impacts recovery and rehabilitation, and the implications of delayed or modified rehabilitation interventions on the patient.

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Person-centred care for people living with dementia during COVID-19

What is meant by person-centred care? Understand the constraints imposed by COVID-19 on people living with dementia and the impact person-centred care may have on the activities involved in day to day living.

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The Tangled Hemostatic Web & COVID-19 - Presented by Dr. Joseph A. Caprini & Hosted by Adj. Professor David Hardman

Review the pathophysiology of COVID-19, including the interrelationship between hematologic and immunologic systems that is referred to as 'The Tangled Hemostatic Web". In addition understand VTE risk factors, assessment and thromboprophylaxis in COVID-19 patients. 

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