5 things to remember when choosing a hospital aged care bed

The right long term care bed will provide a safe environment for your patient, improve clinical efficacy and help reduce the risk of injuries to you and your colleagues.EVALO_ARJO 018_BEDROOMWeb

Helpful points to keep in mind when choosing a bed:

  1. What bed functions do you need to help with patient repositioning and pressure injury prevention, including Trendelenburg?
  2. What choice of mattress do you need to use with the bed?
  3. Low height favours safety and early mobilisation, so how low do you need the hospital bed to go?
  4. Do you need CPR or under bed lighting?
  5. How can the bed assist with preventing falls in the elderly or for those who are cognitively impaired?

Remember when choosing a bed for your patients it needs to be comfortable and easy to use. Visit our Hospital beds solutions page 

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or contact your local Arjo representative to find out which solution can be best tailored to your needs. 

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